Denis Sarazhin was born in Nikopol, Ukraine in 1982 .

He attended the Kharkov Art and Design Academy, graduating in 2008.

He specialized in painting and was a pupil of Ganozkiy V. L., Chaus V. N., and Vintayev V. N..

Sarazhin was awarded with the 1st Degree Diploma Award for Excellence in Painting from the Ukrainian Art Academy.

Since 2007 he has been a member of Kharkov's section of the association of Ukraine's Artists' Alliance.

Upcoming shows:

LA Art Show - Arcadia Contemporary- February 5-9

Group exhibition at Kirk Gallery - February 8

Denis Sarazhin is Represented by:

Arcadia Contemporary

Pasadena CA


Galerie Thomas Fuchs




2006 "Hot Winter" exhibition of young painters, "Academy", Kharkiv

2006 "The Maestro and his disciples" AVEC gallery, Kharkiv

2008 Group exhibition "Navkolo Sontsya" Kharkov's Art Museum

2009 Exhibition in Diocletian Palace Split, Croatia

2010 Exhibition in gallery "Villa Juliska" Prague, Czech Rep

2010 Exhibition in Museum of city Trogir Croatia

2010 Exhibition in Musuem of city Pozhega, Croatia

2010 Exhibition in the gallery of city Zabok, Croatia

2011 Group exhibition gallery "Maestro" Kharkiv

2012 Scottsdale Exhibition Gallery "Spring Colors" Scottsdale, USA

2013 Scottsdale Exhibition Gallery "International Painting Group" Scottsdale USA

2013 Group exhibition in Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, USA

2013 'Winter colors' Hagan Art Gallery, Charleston, USA

2014 Solo exhibition, gallery "Kalita Art Club", Kyiv

2015 LA Art Show 2015 (Californian Museum of Fine Art) Los Angeles, USA

2016 Art Jiangxi International Art Fair (Unionart Ukraine), China

2016 "Corpus", group exhibition, "COME IN" art gallery, Kharkiv

2016 Beijing Art Exposition 19th (Unionart Ukraine), China

2016 Shanghai Art Fair 20th (Unionart Ukraine), China

2017 LA Art Show 2017 (Arcadia Contemporary) Los Angeles, USA

2017 Guangzhou International Art Trade Fair, "Unionart Ukraine", China

2017 Art Palm Springs (Arcadia Contemporary) Palm Springs, USA

2017 "Paintguide", group exhibition "Booth Gallery", New York, USA

2017 Art Market San Francisco (Arcadia Contemporary) San Francisco, USA

2017 "Palette", group exhibition, "Abend Gallery" Denver, USA

2017 "Five And Under", group exhibition, "Arcadia Contemporary" LA, USA

2017 Shanghai Art Fair, "Unionart Ukraine", Shanghai, China

2017 Context Art Miami (Arcadia Contemporary) Miami, USA

2017 Solo exhibition, "Arcadia Contemporary", Los Angeles, USA

2018 LA Art Show 2018 (Arcadia Contemporary) Los Angeles, USA

2018 Art Palm Springs (Arcadia Contemporary) Palm Springs, USA

2018 "Five And Under", group exhibition, "Arcadia Contemporary" LA, USA

2018 "This Land Is...", group exhibition, "Arcadia Contemporary", Pasadena USA

2019 LA Art Show 2019 (Arcadia Contemporary) Los Angeles, USA

2019 Art Palm Springs (Arcadia Contemporary) Palm Springs, USA

2019 Mondo Tondo, group exhibition, "Arcadia Contemporary", Pasadena USA

2019 Gravity, Solo show, Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart Germany